Event: Paolo Ballesteros and Solenn Heusaff as mothers in Regal Films' "My 2 Mommies" May9 in cinemas

Some daddies become mommies and more often, they are better moms according to my students. We met the two leads of Regal Films' Mother's Day film "My 2 Mommies" last Saturday at 38 Valencia Events Place. Directed by Eric Quizon, "My 2 Mommies" stars Solenn Heusaff, Paolo Ballesteros, Joem Bascon and Maricel Soriano, Dianne Medina and Marcus Cabais. Paolo shared his journey having a child and being gay and is now comfortable sharing makeup with his family and friends. Contrary to what happened in the movie, his own mom did not pass out and fall upon hearing the news that he is with child.
Beautiful Solenn plays the girlfriend of Paolo he had a one-night stand and got pregnant. She also shared the constant tease of family and friends when she'll finally decide to be a mom but did not budge to dismiss the rumor. She is happily married to Nico and is still enjoying it not thinking of planning to get pregnant anytime soon. She paid gratitude to direk Eric Quizon whom she worked with in this movie for the first time. Solenn adored Marcus Cabais who plays her son from Paolo being smart and quickwitted with lines. I can't wait to see this movie showing May 9 in cinemas nationwide. For more info please visit https://www.facebook.com/RegalEntertainmentInc/