Event: If you want to be a great speaker, you should learn dance -Teacher Georcelle opening the 2nd branch of GForce Dance Center in Festival Mall

Celebrity choreographer Teacher Georcelle is our dance guru and she's up to breaking new grounds growing dance as passion in all of us. Georcelle Dapat-Sy started at 14 dancing for Adrenalin by Eric Edralin in Sharon Cuneta Show. 27 years after (Sorry TeacherG for revealing that hihihi) Teacher Georcelle had set standards for celebrity dance choreography and had molded talents reaping here and abroad. We joined fellow media at the opening of GForce Dance Center at Festival Mall yesterday.
GForce Project started with 100 students and growing by the thousands according to Teachet Georcelle. We were all given a chance to experience a dance lesson specifically a rough 15seconds from a 3-minute song and although I just watched fellow bloggers learned the basics, I've realized so many things and have gained more respect to those really into it. Dancing indeed teaches you to be confident.
Too often we ignore the fact that those who learned how to dance gained more comfidence. Like what TeacherG said, "If you want to be a great speaker, learn how to dance". As member of PWD, maybe I can really do Teacher Georcelle's first signature dance "White Shirt Love". It takes courage to want to do it and I still have to gather that inside me.
GForce Dance Studio is now open for #2018SummerDanceWorkshop culminating in three dates on June. Teacher Georcelle would like to give enough opportunities for every aspirant to shine so grab your chance to shine this summer at GForce Dance Center, now open in Festival Mall. Download the app for schedule and details visit https://www.facebook.com/GForceOfficial/