Event: "Funny Ka Pare Ko"'s new characters include Its Showtime's Funny One Donna Cariaga, Ms Q and A Juliana Parizcova Segovia, Grae Fernandez, Kira Balinger and more

Cinemo's Funny Ka Pare Ko has new characters spelling more fun. We met "Its Showtime's" Funny One winner Donna Cariaga, Alora Sasam, Bayani Agbayani, Carlo Mendoza, Grae Fernandez, Kira Balinger and Dennis Padilla today at the set of "Funny Ka Pare Ko" the first sitcom on Philippine digital free TV recognized as the Best Comedy Program in the 15th Gawad Tanglaw Awards. Best Actor in a Comedy Program at tthe 25th KBP Golden Dove Awards Bayani Agbayani shared how smart Carlo Mendoza(playing Niknok) is at Math
Also starring on the 5th season of the show starting April 29 are Grae Fernandez, Kira Ballinger,  Komikeros Nongnong and Diego Castro, Donna's co-finalist Anthony Andres, fellow komikero James Caraan, Jayson Gainza(Dongdong), Alora Sasam(Pags), Juliana Parizcova Segovia( Meatring), Alex Calleja(Kap Al) and Its Showtime's Girltrends member Erin Ocampo(Gretchin).
Karla Estrada was not around because of another event but Dennis Padilla was with us to share his evolved role in the sitcom. Donna Cariaga plays Carla's "hugotera" cousin from the province who will develop connevtion with Nonong's new caretaker, James (Caraan). Co-finalist Anthony Andres makes his debut as the du ious notary public managing a mobile loading microbusiness on the side
But it’s the addition of Dennis Padilla as the corrupt real estate tycoon Don Jovi that will shake Carla and Bigboy’s (Bayani Agbayani) world. Don Jovi aspires to buy the land of their barangay where their successful Delyon Eatery stands to build a shopping mall, but Carla and Bigboy refuse to sell their eatery, forcing Don Jovi to use illegal means to acquire the property. The conflict leads to a clash between the Delyons and Don Jovi as they attempt to save their business.
Another challenge that Carla and Bigboy will face in the new season is becoming foster parents to a bibo and cute kid named Niknok (Carlo Mendoza) whom they met at an orphanage during one of their charity events. Niknok will add color and laughter to the lives of Carla and Bigboy whose kid Jay-Ar (Igi Boy Flores) is now a chef in a popular hotel. Witness how a family that laughs together tries to surpass life’s challenges with positivity in CineMo’s “Funny Ka, Pare Ko” starting on April 29, 5 PM-6 PM only on ABS-CBN TVplus.