Event: Barbie and Derrick's "Almost A Love Story" April 11 in cinemas

When did you have an Almost Love Story? I joined fellow bloggers attending the blogcon of Team Derbie (Derrick Monasterio and Barbie Forteza), Ana Capri, Lotlot De Leon and Ms Baby Go promoting BG Productions International's "Almost A Love Story" earlier at Max's Restaurant Quezon City. Directed by Luisito Ignacio and shot in Italy, Almost A Love Story features Team DerBie we've all known as a real couple before in a love story tucked in the circumstances of OFWs and their travails to succeed. 
Barbie admitted during the blogcon today that she had an Almost A Love Story twice with Derrick but is now committed to keeping the flame with boyfriend Jak Roberto. What hapoened to their characters in the movie may be similar but she had learned to accept that staying friends builds better foundation for a relationship.
Meanwhile, Direk Louie Ignacio commended the performances of Ana Capri and Lotlot De Leon playing moms in the movie and reiterated that aside from the romance of the two leads, the story highlights the beautiful drama of families and their struggles abroad. So when can a love story be described "almost"? Will the two end in a beautiful or sour note? We'll all find out if almost will become real or not on April 11 in cinemas nationwide. For more information visit https://www.facebook.com/BG-Productions-International-179855392367077/