Why you should know #Waringan Ang Simula

Very few Filipinos remember their heritage most especially, unabated authentic Filipino mythology. For while we have known that the supercontinent was believed to be Pangaea,  powerful beings that walked among mortals were actually called WARINGAN. In this day and age where most kids don't read, it is time to relearn our very own story with characters familiar to us, in a young adult graphic novel true to revisiting our rich distant past. It is time for us to know this WARINGAN.
Supreme Waringan TUNGKUNG LANGIT protected the mortals from the wrath of the Waringans. He separated the mortals from the world of Waringan in his powerful wall — the DIMENSION GATE. Earth moved and subdivided into continents. Tungkung Langit prohibited the Waringan never to cross worlds  and he ordered several of his Loyal Waringans to guard and obey the cardinal rule. Tungkung Langit gave them immortality and powers that they channel through their 
mementos. And for millennia the GUARDIAN WARINGANS have been protecting the mortal world against the vengeful and wrathful Waringans. 
Today we are introduced to WARINGAN- THE PRESENT TIME. Ang Tres Dragones— si Bitoy, si Ogie, at ang kanilang lider na si MANDY. Mandirigma “Mandy” Mangubat lives with his maternal grandfather, LOLO JOE. Sanggol pa lang si Mandy nang maiwan siya kay Lolo Joe. ANINA, is the mysterious woman na naging daan para makilala ni Mandy ang BIGTIME boss na si DAMIAN MACARAIG. Damian wants Mandy to help him find ABEL 
GATMAYTAN. The adventure begins here and this should be exciting. Let us all witness what will happen to the Waringan. Find out more by visiting  https://www.facebook.com/pangaeaph/