Review: StarCinema brings fun and romantic top grossing "Never Say Die" on Feb28 in cinemas nationwide

Remember how we all loved Chinese movies with martial arts? We joined fellow bloggers watching the advanced screening of China's top grossing film dubbed in English "Never Say Die" at Gateway Mall Cinema last Thursday. Directed by Song Yang and Zhang Chiyu starring Ma Li,  Ai Lun, Shen Teng, Tian Yu and Xue Haowen, Never Say Die is about a UFC boxer who accidentally switches body with a female reporter who exposed him of bribes. Adapted from the stage play of the same name, the movie takes you places in search of the cure to switch their bodies back with surprise appearances of China's popular celebrities.
The fun journey to get the boxer ready brought them to the temple where we met funny monks and the circumstances that made us all crscking in laughter. It was really funny and the memories he gathered gave him enough style and moves to beat the villain whom he had beaten by score yet won because of bribing judges. I really loved Ma Li  more adorable with her funny antics compared to our fave in the 80s Cynthia Luster. The scenes in the street trying to distribute flyers on moving cars was the funniest and that father of the Ma Li was truly heartwarming. Never Say Die was the highest grossing film of 2017 beating Jackie Chan's Kung Fu Yoga and is nominated Best Picture at 2019 Macau International Film Festival. Don't miss it in cinemas on Feb28. For more updates visit