Review: Paths to take after tragedy at The Significant Other

It is indeed strange how we decorate pain. I've expected endless catfights and provocative lines among cast watching CineKo and StarCinema's "The Significant Other". Tom Rodriguez as Edward was the man we've all met, loved and lost because of temptations. Erich as Nicole was not the usual other woman and she was beautiful playing an aspiring model. Lovi as Maxene dropped my jaws when she broke down trying to tuck her emotions after realizing she was working with the concubine who destroyed her marriage. I loved the movie for its implied message that people in the same distress have choices. The choices we'll take should not let us bring more emotional baggage. The ending of the movie may not please the majority but it will emancipate all anxieties and teach that pain, no matter how much it demands to be felt, can still be managed. Paths we choose should never destroy our innate kindness. The movie has a heart and it should be watched. The Significant Other is now showing nationwide. For more information please visit