Review: Catfights and the spotlight on Natalie Hart in "Sin Island", opens Feb14 Valentines Day

Love is an act of will and for any relationship to work, it takes real courage and work. Star Cinema brings a daring Valentine movie "Sin Island" starring Xian Lim, Coleen Garcia and Natalie Hart directed by Gino M.Santos. Xian plays David, the professional photographer married to Kanika (Coleen Garcia) to meet Tasha (Natalie Hart) in Sin Island. Mccoy De Leon's role was too significant that led crossroads for David(Xian) to stride away from reality. The sexy drama I thought became a thriller from the plot twist of the third wheel's bold character (Tasha). Not all bitchy concubines are the same and Natalie Hart as Tasha raised the bar higher in this film. It was hard not to shout and applaud at scenes of Tasha and Kanika. If you want to simply enjoy catfights and third wheel bitches, "Sin Island" will unleash the monster in you. For the brokenhearted, this movie will validate that you need a partner who can argue while holding hands with you. Sin Island is definitely fun and your jaws will drop at Natalie Hart. Don't miss Sin Island with your barkada and enjoy shouting showing tomorrow nationwide. For more information visit