Magiteque Liquipowder really works like magic!

It's frustrating to be oily (especially in my T-Zone) and you have no time for retouch or no matter how you keep using powder, oil comes right back that fast on the same spot. Dabbing blotting paper litters the place and it is just difficult to keep up with everybody. We've met the award-winning Ms.Beverly Salviejo who introduced us to Beverly Glow.
Unlike other products of similar effect providing matte-finish liquid powder, Ms.Beverly let us experience Magiteque Liquipowder. Two small spritz from the bottle she blended with her fingers were dabbed on my oily T-Zone and in just 10 seconds, I noticed the instant effect on my skin. 
Smell-Free and stick-free Magiteque Liquipowder was an instant magic retouch and I didn't need to worry if it was evenly distributed because there were no residues on the skin and in her palms. Magiteque Liquipowder contains organic sulfur which can soften, oxygenate, hydrate and put glow on one's face, chelated magnesium that control oiliness, ionic calcium which provides mattefied look and 72 trace minerals for younger looking skin.
Now the secret of stars is revealed. You can achieve oil-free skin even at on harsh sun exposure. This is just what I need to stay fresh at the beach this summer. Magiteque Liquipowder is available online via at Php700/bottle.