Event: Move on with Angelica Panganiban's "Para Kay Ex" Book Launch

Enjoy - the only way to move on from a heartbreak according to Angelica Panganiban and Carlo Aquino at the book launch of "Para Kay Ex". No Ink (ABSCBN Publishing) launched Beau Ang's "Para Kay Ex" at National Bookstore Trinoma yesterday. With foreword from Angelica Panganiban who admitted requests of revisions from the publisher shared some of her answers to the interactive book "Para Kay Ex". 
Real ex Carlo Aquino surprised the crowd attending the book launch saying he believed Angelica just had a "helmet" and snapped out of it (p.112 from the book). Angelica on the other hand said Carlo was an astronaut( needing space). When asked what stage she is now from moving on, Angelica said she is finally a Jennylyn Mercado from former Snooky Serna (p. 129-130). The book has too many fun activities anyone can enjoy.
Angelica said she's not yet ready to publish her own book although many are anticipating because she is also a great writer. If I am to answer the quiz on p.125, I'll also be a Jennylyn Mercado, an ultimate survivor!. Grab your copy of 'Para Kay Ex" at National Bookstore now.