Event: Bloopers unveiled at Sin Island Bloggers Conference

I used to wonder how actors make it through constant repeat of scenes in a daring lovemaking. Xian Lim, Nathalie Hart and Coleen Garcia shared how difficult it was redoing the love scenes of Star Cinema's latest blockbuster Sin Island last Friday at 9501 Restaurant ABSCBN.
What was even funnier was Nathalie being bold and feisty with her answers and being ashamed after realizing some of us were livestreaming. She shared how she had to repeat kissing and acting passionately while lovemaking as Tasha to David(Xian Lim).
Coleen Garcia who was outstanding in her performance said her role limited her chances to play with the character. It was a fun bloggers conference and the movie should give you ideas when you watch it now in more theaters nationwide.