Review: Sacrifice and be happy being a Mama's Girl, now showing

I miss my Mama more after watching Mama's Girl. Regal Films first movie for 2018 Mama's Girl did not fail making me cry and remember my own mom especially the kisses at the end scenes. Starring Sylvia Sanchez as Mama Mina with Sofia Andres as Abby and Diego Loyzaga as Nico, Mama's Girl narrated the story of a daughter in crossroads of her life and career. Jameson Blake played the protagonist and third party of Nico(Diego) and Abby (Sofia). It was heartbreaking watching Mama Mina dance and as a mom, it gave me ideas how to better prepare leaving my one and only son in peace. Don't miss Mama's Girl directed by Connie Macatuno and written by Gina Tagasa in cinemas. For more info please visit