Event: Bela Padilla exclusive blogcon for Meet Me in St.Gallen opens Feb7 in cinemas

Officially single Bela Padilla wants to commit to work promoting her first movie for 2018 under Spring Films distributed by Viva Films, "Meet Me in St.Gallen". We joined Bella in an exclusive blogcon at Coffee Project yesterday to talk about working with Carlo Aquino. Set in the small village in St.Gallen in Switzerland, Bella shared experience shooting the film with limited staff and director of Camp Sawi Irene Villamor. She was grateful to the Filipinos and the people of St.Gallen for the warm hospitality. Bella will play Celeste who will meet Jesse (Carlo Aquino) in a story about two people falling in love in such difficult circumstances. Timing for Bella she said is not true in real life because she is always ready for what's to come. Seize the moment she said and compared to her character, she is ready for any opportunity in love and in life. What will happen to Celeste and Jesse? How did Bella become Katy Perry? Let's all find out in Meet Me in St.Gallen showing Feb7 in cinemas. For more information visit https://www.facebook.com/VIVAFilms/