Event: Alvin Patrimonio endorses Pyoor Boost #PyoorEssentialsl

We always need that extra push to keep us going. Kapitan Alvin Patrimonio, our favorite basketball icon invites the men to try Pyoor Boost from Pyoor Essentials. We joined Alvin and Pyoor Essentials at their 2018 KickOff Party last night at the Glass Garden, Pasig.  99% organic and ingredients outsourced from all over the world, Pyoor Essentials health and wellness products are made by the Filipino for the Filipino according to Ohara Lee. From their 24K Gold Soap to their food supplements, Pyoor Essentials would like to push their advocacy to support the Filipino farmers. 
It was hard not to stare at the handsome Filipino icon who was still shy endorsing the male stamina food supplement Pyoor Boost made from organic plants to improve performance of men in bed. 
Sir Alvin Patrimonio said his wife is happy about Pyoor Boost and that all the other skin products of Pyoor Essentials were already tried and tested effective. What was most interesting is the MLM package for startups which products that we all avail today, slimming coffee, collagen creams and soap and all-natural skin care while you earn. Pyoor Essentials is also going to feature more celebrity brand ambassadors soon aside from its regular seminars and trainings for the millenials. Visit www.pyooressentials.com and https://www.facebook.com/pyooreiofficial/