Event: Scary experiences making the "Haunted Forest" film

Have you heard "Sitsit" sound sometime in your life? Sounds we hear really makes a great scare and this is what inspired Jeps Gallon and direk Ian Lorenos to make Regal Films' 2017 Metro Manila Film Festival horror film entry for Christmas "Haunted Forest". With Jane Oineza, Hashtags Jon Lucas and Jameson Blake, bloggers asked the details of the film.
Writer Jeps Gallon shared some incidents that scared the wits out of Direk Ian Lorenos which Jameson Blake, Jane Oineza and Jon Lucas did not experience. Jameson Blake can not recall rituals or scary moments but Jon and Jane did. At some point Jon teased the elements hoping he'd grow more inches in his assets. The teaser of the film promises a real horrifying experience we'll sure enjoy this Christmas. For more information visit https://www.facebook.com/RegalEntertainmentInc/