Event: Nina Corpuz releases 4 books "How To Raise a Superstar" featuring Mommy D and Manny, Min Bernardo and Kathryn, Karla Estrada and Daniel, Pinty Gonzaga, Alex and Toni

Strong women produce superstars. This and more revelations can now be read at Nina Corpuz's How To Raise A Superstar featuring celebrity moms and their superstars; Mommy D and Manny Pacquiao, Min Bernardo and Kathryn Bernardo, Karla Estrada and Daniel Padilla, Pinty Gonzaga, Alex and Toni Gonzaga launched at ABS-CBN last Friday. It was through the series of interviews of Ms.Nina Corpuz that daunted the formidable and respected reporter of ABS-CBN that prompted publishing these important books for aspiring mothers.
I've joined fellow bloggers attending her book launch and found out how Ms.Nina Corpuz had grown relationships with these celebrity moms who also inspired her being a mom of three. What were their similarities and what prompted them to push their children to stardom? Some of them according to Ms. Nina Corpuz were already aware since birth that their child will be someone so powerful like Karla Estrada she said.
Ms.Nina Corpuz also shared that she was raised by conservative lawyers and the pressure to keep the family proud was high. The four books available at National Bookstore this month will give tips and sensible suggestions on how to better raise kids especially for millenials. Grab your own copy of ABS-CBN Publishing's How To Raise A Superstar at National Bookstore and Powerbooks. For more information please visit https://www.facebook.com/NoInkApp/