Review: Scary familiar ghostly elements at Satan's Slaves, Dec6 in cinemas

What makes Indonesians similar to Filipinos? Aside from similar Christian beliefs, Indonesians have similar superstitions to Pinoys shown in the highest grossing horror film " Satan's Slaves". We joined fellow bloggers watching the advanced screening of Rafaella Films' latest distribution after "Train to Busan" , Satan's Slaves last night at SM Megamall. Screaming from beginning to end, the movie succeeded in frightening the audience using familiar characters. The mother who died followed by the grandmother became the ghosts haunting the kids in an Amityville-type of log house. The father leaving the children to save the mortgage of the house provided more opportunities for the elements to invade the territory. Satan in the movie was similar to a demon invading the body of the dying mother yet not possessing the body to provide physical harm. The movie isn't too graphic as it deleted some scenes that'll give much gore. The well at the basement reminded me of "The Ring", the house "Amityville Horror", the mother's bell in "Annabelle"and some of the scenes in the living room similar to local Pinoy horror movies from Regal. I have too many questions about the movie but what's most interesting is that it did what horror movies intend to do- scare. Like Pinoys, Indonesians believe in rituals and faith healing and they believe in superstitions about death (Pagpag). We have a lot of things in common yet they are predominantly Muslim and we are Christians. If you are a lover of horror movies, Satan's Slaves should not be missed. If you will try horror for the first time or you have heart conditions, don't watch it. For more information visit