Melt-In-Your-Mouth Takoyaki, Sushi, Maki, Ramen and more Japanese at Omotenashi Japanese Restaurant

Some moments are better when you close your eyes. Japanese food is healthy they say because they use the freshest ingredients available. Mrs. Leng Borres makes every dish authentic Japanese at Omotenashi Japanese Restaurant at Congressional Avenue Quezon City getting his eldest son shop for real Japanese items not available in the Philippines. Just when you think the prices will soar because of real Japanese ingredients and each chef assigned to particular type of dish at Omotenashi, it was too affordable and really tasty. We joined friends visiting this hole-in-the-wall Japanese resto along Congressional Avenue in Quezon City and the experience was truly unforgettable.
We've tried new dishes on the menu: Prawn Miso Salad, Supaishi Salad, Salmon Tatake Salad, Kani Mango Taco, Kani Tamago Maki, Dynamite Aburi, Salmon Aburi, Scallops Aburi, Mix Nigiri Aburi, Ebi Tempura Maki, Dragon Roll, Shake Spicy Maki, Tenashi Maki, Seafood Ramen, Shoyu Ramen and more. Set Meals for the family are posted on the walls so you don't need to worry burning your budget. Some of the set meals for lunch or dinner with a friend priced at Php200 made it all happy for other diners.
As for the taste, each maki, roll, sashimi and salad was so delicious the mood just lifted everyone's spirit. You should bring your boss here at Omotenashi if you've got plans to get a promotion. When they all said get a Tenashi Maki, you'll definitely be surprised at the burst of flavors in your mouth. That dream of fruity, tasty and crunchy roll finally came true and it got me wanting to close my eyes to savor each bite. 
Oh and if social media just broke your heart and the news just robbed your joy, get a Takoyaki at Omotenashi. A visual delight with fish flakes inviting to all your senses, the bite was firm yet soft compared to the ones in the malls that's soggy. Not too sweet and not too salty, you'll savor the real baby octopus grilled to perfection to leave that chewy texture as it melts in your mouth.
Forget Mocha and all the other things that broke your heart today and indulge in Omotenashi Japanese Restaurant because you deserve it. All the other stories are not worth your time and just like Omotenashi, you have a choice which is indeed the main story. Visit Omotenashi Japanese Restaurant at Haven Building, Congressional Avenue, Quezon City. For more info visit