Event: Unexpected revelations at Unexpectedly Yours, Nov29 in cinemas

So the terms of endearment of Joshlia (Joshua and Julia) revealed by Sharon Cuneta scared the wits of fans and Robin confirmed similar circumstance of the reel-gone-real couple during the Unexpectedly Yours grand media launch at the Dolphy Theater yesterday. With StarCinema's Vanessa Valdes and the two loveteams Shabin(Sharon and Robin) and Joshlia (Joshua Garcia and Julia Barreto), Unexpectedly Yours promjses fun and real family narrative sure to win the hearts of Pinoys this Christmas season. Directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina, the story according to Ms.Vanessa features the journey of a woman in menopause stage and an OFW (seaman)played by Robin Padilla.
Robin clarified his issue not being the first choice for Sharon's comeback to StarCinema but grateful for the opportunity to work again with the megastar. Sharon was all praises to Joshua Garcia and Julia Barreto sharing how she had gone close to the couple during the shoot. Towards the middle of the presscon, everyone was in awe at the spontaneous reveal of feelings towards each other and Joshua imitating Robin's gestures and behavior to the staff. Julia also confirmed how Joshua adored Robin and copied "Padilla's signature courtesy gestures" with the staff. Joshua expressed his gratitude and agreed to Robin's pieces of advice on love and relationship.
Julia also followed revealing how Sharon adored Robin and the "kilig" multiplied with fans cheering for Robin and JoshLia. I am curious how menopause symptoms will hinder or aggravate the romance and how JoshLia will fall in love in the movie. Let us all bring family and friends at Unexpectedly Yours in cinemas on Nov29. For more information visit https://www.facebook.com/starcinemaofficial/