Will the poor really benefit from TRAIN and SSB Laws?

Some lawmakers use assumptions more than real life data. I've been reminded of Mang Ben the fishball vendor near our school gate venerated as saviour by many hungry students. Like me, he's been mentioned in valedictory speeches as source of hope and inspiration and like me, he was never consulted nor considered in the passing of TRAIN (President Duterte's Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion), SSB Sugar Sweetened Beverages Tax and Oil Excise Tax. Just like the rest of my coteachers too numb of surprising laws and realities these days, the indifference is felt but the angsts grow within. If they say it will benefit the minimum waged and PWDs like me, they may be wrong. Mang Ben may seem simple still selling all these streetfood faves but through the years, he had already produced 4 college graduates and upon hearing the teachers who borrowed from loan sharks that riding-hail apps earn a lot, they've all gambled and bought new cars. Little do we all know that we'd suffer if this will pass into law. Why? Mang Ben may not be affected with the income tax reform law but his newly-bought car from loan sharks will be taxed. His fuel consumption like mine will also increase tax. His products of which most contain much sugar will also increase tax. He has no idea he may not be able to pay enough taxes for his new car. Being a PWD public school teacher on other hand may seem most to take advantage of these tax reforms but I am also one among many who succumbed to the culture of borrowing money to invest. I've also borrowed money to invest in hail-riding apps and my fuel consumption may significantly affect mu drivers' confidence and operations.  I will also be surprised and I may be taxed accordingly because I work double the load of the regular teachers and have risen up the ladder above the minimum wage. What feels clear in the hullabaloo of this proposed tax reform law is the fact that I will still suffer. Mang Ben and I will still be in poverty because of the new and the existing laws on taxes not strictly implemented. We have not been effectively implementing previous laws so why should we claim this TRAIN Bill will redeem the previous injustice. Please reconsider Mr.President. Please think of me and Mang Ben.