Event: A world we need to explore to understand "Those Long Haired Nights/ Mga Gabing Kasinghaba ng Hair Ko" to be featured in Busan FilmFest and QC Cinema

We know so little about gay prostitution and director Gerard Calagui will let us peek into their emotions in Those Long Haired Nights. To be featured in Busan International Film Festival, Mga Gabing Kasinghaba ng Hair Ko (Those Long Haired Nights) stars Rocky Salumbides and Matt Daclan with Mon Confiado.
We met with the cast and director Gerard Calagui last week to discuss gay issues about the film sans Rocky Salumbides and realized the marginalized sector often humbled and mocked by many.
All of them being straight found the role challenging and gained a deeper understanding about gay issues. Matt Daclan, an award-winning actor from previous Cinema One Originals shared his experience meeting with the real gay hookers from Burgos St in Makati, the red light district of Manila.
Mon Confiado who cannot recall when he played the pimp for gays the last time in his previous indie films said this movie is one to be proud of. The title which imply the feeling of being appreciated or revered beautiful having a long hair may reflect the hopes of gay prostitutes yearning to be loved or acquire permanent partner from the experience. Who among them will have an everlasting love in the end? Let us all watch Those Long Haired Nights/ Mga Gabing Kasinghaba ng Hair Ko showing soon on QC Cinema. This particular unique and exciting film should gain the attention of many. Congratulations Team #TLHNPH and goodluck in Busan FilmFest! For more information visit