Event: Solo Para Adultos - the play deserves a rerun

Tragedies are basic recipes for laughter. The Filipino indeed can use  their popular subscription on porn to help fight poverty. Just like what Solo Para Adultos -the play had left me, I believe we can set aside the hypocrisy and make use of pinoy porn to help alleviate poverty in this country. I joined fellow bloggers watching the premiere of Solo Para Adultos - the play at Music Museum last night and it was baffling to recall if I was affected with the social issues presented or the comedy and wit from sob stories of each character.
Starring April "Congrats" Gustilo, Vivo Ouano, Tori Garcia, Andres Vasquez and John Raspado, Red Lantern Productions' "Solo Para Adultos- the play" presented a macabre of circumstances. Written by Bong Ramos, AJ Rollon and James Golla about a famous Pinoy porn staf returning home to star in a local porn movie. Mosang played different characters which added more flavor to scenes. Racing Chat played the mother of Macario (the real V.Fox played by April Gustilo) which made the twist really hilarious. 
Although it tried to be interactive experimenting audience participation, the end became a choice that sums up the whole story - a circumstance that turned into an opportunity for all leads to gain an award. I loved the character of Brylle Mondejar as the director which transcends gender and what the whole play implies. Love indeed has no gender and forgiveness is key to achieving lasting peace of mind. Solo Para Adultos deserves a rerun and it should be watched by all, except the kids of course. For more information visit https://www.facebook.com/SoloParaAdultosThePlay/