Event: Khalil Ramos shares experience in "Riding In Tandem" movie

Kahlil Ramos is on a roll doing what he loves best - acting. We joined Kahlil Ramos last weekend to discuss "Riding in Tandem". Showing at selected SM Cinema Cine Lokal, Riding in Tandem stars Kahlil Ramos, Jason Abalos, Sur Prado and Mara Lopez in an action movie directed by Toto Natividad.
We didn't know Kahlil played a more mature role until we watched "Riding In Tandem". I guess we're not yet ready for him playing a juvenile delinquent holding a gun but he sure played it so well especially during the confrontation scene with Jason Abalos. Kahlil shared that he had to learn riding a manually operated bicycle to shoot some scenes and although it was difficult, he will never forget the learning experience  It was a beautiful action movie less the gore and graphic violence. Congratulations Kahlil and the Riding in Tandem staff! Don't miss Riding in Tandem now showing in selected Cine Lokal screenings.