Event: I Found My Heart in Santa Fe with Mayor Jose Esgana, Unang Hirit celebrating 145th Founding Anniversary of Santa Fe Cebu, 1st Puting Baybay Festival

Santa Fe Cebu is too beautiful and there's just too many things to make you fall in love. I Found My Heart in Santa Fe again after being warmly welcomed by Mayor Jose Esgana and the staff tagging along the director of the film direk Bona Fajardo, actor Will Devaughn, Ms Lyn Fajardo, Ms Arra Manalili, Ms.Arra Dino, Jeremy Casaul, ByxBuzz (Michael Louie Almacen, Glenn Regondola, Kuya Lhar Santiago and Manny Vallester for 3 days and 2 nights.
It was Santa Fe Cebu's 145th Founding Anniversary and Mayor Esgana prepared his staff for us and Unang Hirit Barkada complete with dancers and band at the port. We were welcomed personally by the mayor who's too groovy in jersey shirt with his wife in shell leis to be transported to Jellys Haven Resort in Batiancila St.
A sumptuous lunch of fish sinigang soup, baked scallops, adobong pusit, fried Danggit, Gambas and a pack of friendly Santa Fe constituents were just a few to delight our senses with a majestic view of the beautiful Santa Fe beach side in this newly-constructed resort. 
On our way to Jellys Haven Resort, we passed by the village which was once struck by Yolanda still living in makeshift tents when I last visited in 2015. It was heartwarming to pass by the streets again where I cried looking at trees lying on the ground two years ago. Santa Fe is definitely up and about again and it's looking truly recovered and festive.
The film's lead actor Will Devaughn loved by many had become a photo booth granting each fan's request for a photo op. Byx and I knew for the first time that Will had no Filipino blood because he managed to blend and speak Filipino fluently being friendly to all he meets on the street. 
For three days and two nights, I was in awe at the warm accommodation of Mayor Esgana and his wife responding to all my inquiries about the whole island. Mayor shared to us and the Unang Hirit cast the fish considered low class yet endemic of the island that saved them from hunger after Yolanda - Karaho fish or soft-finned fish abundant in Santa Fe Cebu year-round.
Aside from Lechon de Santa Fe, Danggit, Dried Mangoes and Karaho, I've also experienced for the first time Tagu-angkan or Roasted Chicken Ovary, Wasay-wasay (pearl-like shell), Bunsod and Bungkawil( shellfish).
Before Unang Hirit featuring the clean-up drive at the shoreline stretching up to 17.2sq.km., cooking demo of Lechon De Santa Fe and boat race, it was an amazing foodtrip and beach experience especially when participating beach resorts gathered to showcase their best dishes, Ogtong Cave Resort's Fried Rice and Rendang Chicken, Marlin's Beach Resort's Assorted Meatballs, Coucou Bar's Sweet and Sour Lapu-Lapu, Kota Beach's Beef Steak, Calamares and Pork Sisig, Jellys Haven Resort's Seafood Soup, Crab in Garlic and Chili Sauce, Prawn in Garlic Butter Sauce, Anika Island Resort's Sinuglao, Yoonel Beach Resort's Aji Relleno, Beach Placid's Crab Curry, April's Fried Chicken and Lechon Manok and more dishes that filled everyone's tummy and soul. The breathtaking view and the clean beach in all areas of Santa Fe will remind you of how Boracay was before the commercialization took place. Just like the rest of us who pleads for each tourist to be responsible, respect the organization of Santa Fe arranging nightlife in the center leaving the beach clean and serene. Let us all visit Santa Fe and leave nothing but memories. Thank you Mayor Jose Esgana, to your wife and staff, direk Bona Fajardo and Ms Lyn Fajardo and everyone in Santa Fe. Like Ms.Rhea Santos, Love Anover of Unang Hirit and those who love this country, let us all find our hearts in Santa Fe Cebu! For more information on Jellys Haven Resort pls call (022454785) or visit https://www.facebook.com/jellyshavenresort/