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I Found My Heart in Santa Fe is showing on Sept15 in Cine Lokal cinemas nationwide. I can't wait for you all to meet Jennifer played by Roxanne Barcelo whose siblings all starts with J. Her character is a local island girl broken hearted because of a former boyfriend. Real-life boyfriend Will Devaughn plays Viktor she will meet in the beautiful Bantayan Island of Santa Fe Cebu.
Viktor's search for his Filipina mom will destine him to meet Jennifer. We often meet foreigners on the beach and his character in the film invites me to spell possibilities and more opportunities to explore the beauty of his story and the beautiful island of Santa Fe Cebu. Let's find out what will happen to the story of Jennifer meeting Viktor in I Found My Heart in Santa Fe showing Sept15 in cinemas. Go Bantayan Island and let us all say I Found My Heart In Santa Fe! For more information please visit