I Found My Heart in Santa Fe Graded B by the Cinema Evaluations Board

 I Found My Heart in Santa Fe is still showing in cinemas starring Will Devaughn and Roxanne Barcelo as Viktor and Jennifer. Aside from the relaxing view sure to rejuvenate the senses, I am most interested with indulging in delicacies endemic in Bantayan Island Santa Fe, Cebu.
If the Cebu lechon and tiny longganisa top the list of the foodies, Cebu also boasts of its sweet and juicy mangoes even venerated as favorite of the British Royal Family. Presidents of different countries also request Cebu mangoes aside from the Guimaras variety because it's perfectly sweet and juicy. Jennifer (Roxanne) offered a plate to Viktor (Will) in the movie upon leaving the resort to find his birth mother leading to a growing attraction. I am in desperate of another Bantayan Island delicacy- chocolate moron.  What happened to Viktor and Jennifer? Don't miss I Found My Heart In Santa Fe still showing in cinemas.For more info visit https://www.facebook.com/ifoundmyheartinsantafe/