Have a #BAEcation with #WilRox in #IFoundMyHeartInSantaFe #2daystosantafe #heartinsantafe

What if the one meant for you is waiting in Santa Fe Cebu? If that isn't a goal then the crystal clear blue waters of Santa Fe Cebu is enough to rejuvenate the spirits these days of agony over politics. Bask on the dream of BAEcation and imagine having the same like WilRox in "I Found My Heart in Santa Fe" showing Sept.15 in cinemas. Roxanne Barcelo as Jennifer is like most of us- afraid to take risks after a broken heart.
Real-life beau Will Devaughn plays Viktor, our dream guy to meet in Santa Fe. Will we all be brave enough to say "Love never asks because it's ready".  That smile of Viktor says it all.
The backdrop was pristine and is everything we need to relieve stress. Treat yourself to a glimpse of a dream holiday destination and we don't need a visa to get there. Bantayan Island Santa Fe Cebu invited a perfect view of serenity. Don't miss it watching I Found My Heart in Santa Fe on Sept15 in cinemas. For more information visit https://www.facebook.com/ifoundmyheartinsantafe/