Event: Support Ms Gina Lopez' call to #BanOpenPitMining #ILOVE movement to save Philippines

Let us help people who help others by supporting environment-friendly causes like Mam Gina Lopez' call for #BanOpenPitMining. We met Mam Gina Lopez again still passionate to help the country through Eco-Tourism last Friday at Tweedle Book Cafe Quezon City. Shared to us all were facts about the mining industries devastating the beautiful islands of Mindoro, Marinduque, Surigao, Sorsogon, Samar and Palawan who were not spared of the toxic chemicals left after open pit mining operations.
With her presentation of the existing mining laws, none among those passed ever allowed one that destroys the opportunities and livelihood of communities. I've been sharing her teachings among my students since I met her attending media launches of her Save Palawan Movement before she held office at the DENR and she never failed surprising us all with her comprehensive reports about how mining industries deprive the poor of opportunities.
What daunted me most was the slide on Why Filipinos are poor sharing facts about our endemic species far greater than any country all over the world yet very few cared, sold, patented by other countries endemic in our own soil. This indifference indeed may not spare the country of more hazards and calamities worsened through climate change. She finally taught us of #ILOVE Investments in Loving Organizations for Village Economics pushing for ecotourism in communities affected by mining operations. Showing products that we can all learn to produce for sustainable communities, Mam Gina Lopez stressed that we should call to stop open pit mining in the country since the effects will stay forever. Even rich countries were not able to rehabilitate their own open pit mining effects, Philippines will have more difficulties living with what's left. I wonder what happened to those areas. Let us all pay a visit to the countryside and witness what the mining operations left us. For more info please visit https://www.facebook.com/GinaLopezPH/