Event: Laugh and Cry in Sharon Cuneta and Moi Bien's Ang Pamilyang Hindi Lumuluha Sept6 in cinemas

How can emotions that seem shallow become deep? It was intriguing hearing the one and only megastar express so much fascination making her first Cinemalaya film Ang Pamilyang Hindi Lumuluha at the bloggers conference held last Sunday at ABS-CBN. Directed by Mes De Guzman starring megastar Sharon and Moi Bien, now distributed and remastered by Star Cinema, Ang Pamilyang Hindi Lumuluha narrates the story of Cora and her quest to find the real family behind the myth believing her own will be reunited.
During the bloggers conference, it was difficult not to drop jaws in awe at Sharon acknowledging the natural talent of Moi and Nino Muhlach (playing Tyong Ben) in the movie. Finally, I've felt the same crack of laughter after attending the special screening held last night at Dolphy theater. Moi was hilarious and it was like the person behind the character except for lust, tacky habit of peeing in the garden and that inimitable fashion sense.
The one and only megastar was still cute and awesome in those breakdown scenes despite the constant wardrobe of pajamas throughout the film. Kiko Matos provided the object of desire for Moi and those bit players adding to collateral damage of his own desires gave Moi more depth to express her love and lust in between the quest. It seemed simple and silly having Cora(Sharon) to keep looking for the daughter Amelia of Ang Pamilyang Hindi Lumuluha but it was acceptable and relatable that it just might work for Cora to bring her own family back together. It was deep to eventually sulk in our own indifference to our family and it left me reflecting if I have dampened the spirits of my own. This movie left me thinking after crying hard and laughing hard at circumstances. I loved how it swept me to understand the dilemma of broken and dysfunctional families while snapping out of reality from that obsession about that myth. Don't miss Ang Pamilyang Lumuluha now showing in selected cinemas.