Event: Celebrate World Teachers Day watching "New Generation Heroes" Oct4 in cinemas

Teachers make us more than break us. There will always be one unforgettable teacher we'll never forget and Direk Anthony Hernandez would like to pay tribute through his newest movie "New Generation Heroes". Starring the award-winning actress Aiko Melendez, Anita Linda, Jao Mapa, International Fashion Designer Joyce Penas, "New Generation Heroes" narrates the story of a retired teacher Salvacion (Anita Linda), street children teacher Gener (Jao Mapa), the hardworking Lolita( Joyce Penas) who's into networking, buy and sell and other business while in the classroom and Cora( Aiko Melendez) the English teacher #OFW in Korea supporting the whole family in the Philippines.
 At the media launch last night at Max's Scout Tuazon, celebrities shared their fond memories of their teacher. Jao paid gratitude to her mother Thess Mapa who is also a teacher, direk Anthony Hernandez mentioning how teachers have given him motivation despite being an adopted child. The media cracked in laughter at Aiko Melendez unleashing her "Emilia Ardiente" attitude thanking her teachers who were nuns at St.Mary's saving her from bullies back in high school.
This film regardless of its strata of issues about teachers, still deserves utmost support and recognition because whether we accept it or not, the youth majority will always be influenced and honed by one. We will always choose to venerate those who lift each other up. Let's all celebrate World Teachers Day watching "New Generation Heroes" on October 4 in cinemas nationwide.