Watch Kamunggai #ToFarmFilmFest2017 July12to18 in cinemas

I have heard of a similar story in real life when my Uber driver once narrated his passion in growing vegetables. From simple planting of the usual greens used in dishes to fruits he ate and seeds thrown after. Kamunggai is beautiful with backdrop to lure you wanting to own your own farm. The main character Lolo Peping was so kind letting neighbors depend on him for food growing from his garden. I would like to slap those neighbors who have grown a sense of entitlement from the land tilled hard by an elder still eager to share how to grow each plant. Kamunggai was difficult for me because I was Tagalog/Filipino yet the message conveyed cries of the same dilemma. The youth needs to be taught well that being rich isn't about having more money. You are indeed rich only if you can grow your own food. Don't miss it in TOFARM Film Festival 2017 July 12-18 in cinemas. For more info visit and