Tien Ma's Shaved Ice in Chocolate Heaven, Mango Tango and Strawberry Banana Sensation at Php230 only

Hot and Cold. After a spicy meal, it will always be delightful to chug on something cold right after. A friend and I paid a visit at Tien Ma's Taiwanese Cuisine to catch up on each others' lives yesterday. I got excited on my Beef Mami bowl and really enjoyed putting on more of the chili garlic condiment and I didn't realize it was too spicy for me.
However, since it was too tasty and the beef was deliciously tender, my friend shared her own rants while I savor the broth rich in flavor. She had my fave Assorted Xiao Long Bao and Fried Intestines reminiscing her trip abroad.
We have missed taking photos of some of the dishes when it arrived because of hunger. When the hunger was satisfied, we saw the photo of the Shaved Ice and both decided we'll get the Mango Tango although we also like Chocolate Heaven and Strawberry Banana Sensation. At Php230/bowl, we didn't expect the huge serving because it was just the two of us. It was perfect washing all the spice and oil in my throat and a few giggles here and there about showbiz gossips, we both laughed seeing the shaved ice dessert clean and gone. It was a happy ice shaved fruity experience reminding me of how we should be truly proud of our mangoes. I'll definitely try the Strawberry Banana Sensation next time. Visit www.tienmas.com and order your Executive Lunch Box Sets! For more info please like https://www.facebook.com/tienmasph/ and follow @tienmasph on Instagram and Twitter.