Ronwaldo Martin is back to the Big Screen in #ToFarmFilmFest2017 ‘Baklad’

Ronwaldo Martin is back to indie in a coming of age story of a fish pen boy who is learning to dream big in Topel Lee's entry in #ToFarmFilmFest2017 'Baklad'. Ronwaldo we loved in thought-provoking indie films is reunited with Elora Espano, his famous leading lady in a previous award-winning movie. Tutoy(Ronwaldo) had a sexual awakening from his boss' new lover. This circumstance will evoke him to try eloping with the woman which will cost him to fail even those around him. This dark comedy drama flick features the most neglected sectors in the country - the fish pen boys. These boys we never knew give fish to our families to eat everyday are drowned in sorrow. Breaking free from poverty, they resort  to desperate measures to escape. Rafa Siguion-Reyna joins the 'Baklad' cast along with Hector Macaso, Jesus Allan Forte, John Vincent Sevilla, Rowena Concepcion, Vincent Magbanua, Royce Cabrera, Raul Morit and Dess Versoza. For more info visit