Review: What Home Feels Like is our story in the big screen #ToFarmFilmFest2017 July12to18 in cinemas

This is one movie we'll keep in our hearts for a long time. We all have stories about OFWs and having a seaman relative but Joseph Abello took the significant details to pinch our hearts in his entry to TOFARM Film Festival 2017 "What Home Feels Like". Starring the award-winning actors Bembol Roco and Irma Adlawan, 'What Home Feels Like' features the sorrowful plight of a retired seaman and his family adjusting to having him home at last. The concept may be common and the situation familiar until you witness the lines delivered. Bembol Roco proved once again that an excellent actor can deliver the scene even without the lines. Irma Adlawan as Jenny took my breath away and left me in so much tears being the teacher losing her voice for the love of the job and losing retirement for the love of her children Julius (Rex Lantana), Jason (Biboy Ramirez) and Alison (Bianca Libinting)  . 
Til the moment I was writing this, it was difficult not to sigh how many teachers we have with the same circumstance. One for the books is that scene of Bembol with son Julius (Rex Lantano) and the dinner after graduation ceremony when the whole family gathered and he blurted his emotions missing the most important dates of his family. 
After Oro, MSB and B17 Productions will leave you pain realizing the demise of teachers in service unattended til retirement and worse in real life, til death. As a parent, you'd weep for the children of OFWs and seamen leaving their family and leaving the opportunity to watch them grow. Thank you MSB Group and TOFARM Film Festival for What Home Feels Like giving us a chance to reflect on our own vision of "home". I've cried buckets throughout the film yet left hopeful at the end. Don't miss it on cinemas. For more info, visit and