Event: SunLife PH's Living and Leaving a Legacy with Ms Charo Santos-Concio

The most beautiful retired TV network icon Ms Charo Santos-Concio is fulfilling each item on her bucket list.  We all want to feel secured living and leaving a legacy before retirement like her. Attending SunLifePH's new Sun SMARTER Life insurance plan is dedicated for those planning to leave a legacy to their loved ones.
Starting early will cut the cost but like Ms.Charo whose father died when she was 22 (like me as well at age 22 when my father died) mom took care of the estate taxes and those  settlements. Ms. Charo Santos Concio shared at World Trade Center today that she had prepared ensuring her loved ones not worrying about taxes.
The new TV ad showing the bracelet says it all and if you've acquired properties, assets, investments and stocks, it is time to secure them with SunLifePH's SMARTER Life Insurance. Sun SMARTER Life is a protection product that provides double life insurance coverage until age 100 while loved ones will enjoy the benefit of not having to settle those estate taxes from their inheritance. I've got SunLifePH account and I've felt security too so do consult your SunLife Advisor today. For more information, visit www.sunlife.com.ph and https://www.facebook.com/sunlifeph/