Event: #StartBelieving because at #RCBCWeBelieveInYou

RCBC launched its new logo rebranding itself to customers last Friday at Whitespace Manila. "We believe in you" is the new slogan of RCBC with CEO Mr. Gil A.Buenaventura announcing new products to cater to every client's needs. Last Friday,  media was invited to experience the new services to be offered at RCBC.
I've tried going to the booths: RCBC Travel where they'll offer packages to suit the customer's preferences using RCBC's new Bankard credit card options, RCBC Home and Car Loans lets you own your dream with affordable options. We were given a chance to imagine our dream homes by rearranging those decors and furnitures so we'd have a clear picture of our dream home,
and finally, RCBC Lifestyle made us savor the joys of shopping with RCBC Bankard buying clothes and dining at restaurants. It was even a thrill to use it paying cinema tickets. With RCBC making life more convenient, we'll expect more clients to move their accounts. Despite the ongoing dilemma of banks with computer glitches, RCBC ensures the clients' safety with more added security features and EMV chip compliant to the new standards. RCBC starts believing and we will because we value our hard-earned money as well. For more info please visit www.rcbc.com and https://www.facebook.com/RCBCGroup/