Figaro's Kyoto Kotobuki Matcha Cake is heavenly at Php149/slice

The dream of Japan in a slice! After a sumptuous meal of Chicken Barbecue Skewers that came with Lemonade (Php199), my friend and I decided to indulge on Figaro's newest dessert offering at Tomas Morato branch. 
It was high time to try something new at Figaro since we were both itching to visit Japan this year. While thinking of what to experience to plan for itinerary, matcha cake was written in the list and funny how it was conveniently available in the counter right after we planned about it.
Voila, the beautiful decadent slice was served and the charge which fork reached first became insignificant. Figaro's Kyoto Kotobuki Matcha Cake was more than what we expected- moist, soft, nutty yet not too sweet to the palate. It was a harmony of textures and flavor with two layers of rich and moist coco sesame cake that blended perfectly with that strong matcha green tea mousse. Compared to the matcha cakes we've tried, Figaro's mix of that coco-sesame chiffon did the great job of making me want another slice. It was perfect with coffee and perfect savoring while we wait for the rains to stop. The best thing about it is not just the flavor but the price at Php149/slice. Thank you for satisfying that dream of matcha Figaro! For more information please visit and