Event: Gabi ng Pagkakaibigan o Pagiibigan with Juan Miguel Severo Can We Still Be Friends on June14

The poetry of love and losing it is always beautiful to celebrate. I joined fellow blogger Ted witnessing the wit and talent of the King of Filipino Spoken Word Juan Miguel Severo in Gabi ng Pagkakaibigan O Pagiibigan at Staple and Perk Cafe Makati last Thursday.
JM will play the gay bestfriend of Arci in Star Cinema's latest romcom Can We Still Be Friends set to show in cinemas on June14. When asked if exes can still be friends, Juan Miguel Severo said yes. Like him I wanted to say also that he should pay all his debt, say sorry and mean it on all the wrong things you've done. It may be rare but it is all we need to be at peace. Let's all find out how Sam and Digs will answer Can We Still Be Friends on June 14. For more info please visit www.facebook.com/starcinema