Review: Dangerous Liaisons and War on Drugs at #Bubog movie showing this June

Why is it so hard to win our country's war on drugs? Direk Arlyn Dela Cruz and Blank Pages Productions gave hits at Bubog VIP Screening last Thursday at FisherMall Quezon City. With stellar cast Julio Diaz, Elizabeth Oropesa, Jackielou Blanco, Juan Rodrigo, Allan Paule, Menggie Cobarrubias, Janice Jurado, Jak Roberto, Karl Medina, Kristoffer King, Kiko Matos, Chanel Dela Torre introducing Jemina Sy, Raffy Reyes and Belle Dominguez, Bubog narrates the clout of people involved in our country's war on drugs. Rommel Padilla's character was one significant role that left me thinking at the end of the movie(Who among the politician is Rommel Padilla?)
Special participation by DILG officials, PDEA and other government troops made the film leap from fiction and in many occasions, gothic and truly violent like what is really happening today. Appropriate for its R-18 rating, Bubog made me feel how we have all been indifferent to the dangerous liaisons connected and involved in drug syndicates.
Janice Jurado returns as a character we have loved her in films- funny yet heartwarming. At the end of the movie, it's the reality that children involved in the story who suffer most. It is our duty as moviegoers and parents to reflect how our decisions and actions affect the children around us. Watch Bubog and realize how you are directly and indirectly supporting to fight or support our country's war on drugs. Don't miss it showing this June(tentatively June14) in cinemas.