I love Figaro's new Cold Drinks - Forest Blueberry, Wild Strawberries and Mixed Berries

It's so hard to handle heat these days so I went out to look for drinks and also meet my student 16 years ago. We both wanted coffee after a meal so we thought we'd go to Figaro first and head on to look for smoothies. She ordered the classic Figaro Club Sandwich and I had Chef Salad while catching up on each other's lives. 
When it was time to get drinks to go with our merienda, we were offered to go for Figaro's new cold drinks- Forest Blueberry, Wild Strawberries and Mixed Berries (Php140/M, Php160/L). That was convenient since we both wanted to quench our thirst first. I thought they'd be some fruit powder blended with ice and I was surprised. 
I ordered three for the two of us to try each flavor and I knew then one cup won't satisfy me. It was surprising they were real fruits ice-blended and with no added sugar. No wonder it wasn't so sweet. I was happy with Wild Strawberries and Mixed Berries because Tori (my former student) finished the whole cup of Forest Blueberry that quick. It was a refreshing merienda and more memories built at Figaro last week. I can't wait to try the other drinks soon. Visit https://www.facebook.com/figarocoffeecompany/ for more details.