Review: How to admit your mistakes to your son and how to bring the #NorthernLights #AJourneyToLove now showing in cinemas nationwide

Very few parents say sorry to kids when they make mistakes. I joined fellow bloggers watching the premiere of Regal Films, Spring Films and Star Cinema's latest movie Northern Lights: A Journey to Love last Tuesday. Directed by Dondon Santos starring the ultimate hearthrob Piolo Pascual, Yen Santos and Raikko Mateo, Northern Lights featured a story of a father reuniting with his son and finally coming to terms with his heartbreak.
Glydel Mercado played the mom of Yen Santos who was the reason she came to Alaska other than attending a seminar. Her search to find mom fell into a circumstance of falling in love with Piolo and his son.
Staring at Piolo on the big screen and dropping jaws at his acting performance was already enough to make anyone happy but it's that point where he asked forgiveness to his son which moved me most. He said "I'm sorry son for not being there when you need me". It was that detail of the rubber shoes the son kept holding. I hoped all fathers with the same pain and flight can muster to do the same so more youth of today will be properly guided. The movie should be watched by fathers and mothers to better take responsibility so this world will be a better place. Don't miss Northern Lights now showing at all cinemas nationwide. For more information please visit