Event: The evolved KathNiel in Can't Help Falling In Love April 15 in cinemas nationwide

Just a mention of KathNiel brings screams among my students and it is not a wonder that even parents and teachers like me will find it difficult not to fall in love with this phenomenal loveteam. Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo along with direk Mae Cruz-Alviar, Ms Carmi Raymundo and Ms. Cristine Gabriel joined us yesterday at the most attended bloggers conference for Star Cinema's sure blockbuster for Black Saturday, "Can't Help Falling In Love". Slated to open in cinemas on April 15, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla shared their experience and memories shooting the movie in Cebu and other parts of the country.
Kathryn will play Gab and Daniel will play Dos which according to direk Mae Cruz-Alviar and Ms. Carmi Raymundo evolved their characters from previous blockbuster Crazy Beautiful You and Barcelona:A Love Untold. I had the opportunity to ask the first question and when asked how they assess each other's performance from when they started to become a loveteam 6 years ago, both of them shared how they help each other by simply doing it again to "feel" the scenes. What's most admirable about this loveteam is that they do not just look good onscreen. KathNiel exerts all efforts to improve their craft even if they have to risk health.
Daniel had to go through a depression stage because of bringing the character home and direk Mae was really happy how Kathryn had evolved as an actress since she started working with her. DJ was grateful for every opportunity and recalled how Kathryn was always friendly when they first met.
I have become a KathNiel fan since I covered them for the first time in "Growing Up" and I'm proud about it because they also inspired me to keep improving my skills as a teacher and a blogger. Constantly reminding yourself that you should continue to discover and explore according to Daniel and Kathryn will determine if you are living or simply existing. This particular concept is enough to get me more excited to watch "Can't Help Falling In Love" on April 15. For more information and updates on mall shows of the two, please visit www.facebook.com/starcinema.