Event: Can't Help Falling In Love KathNiel by Gracie Espiel

I have been a follower of KathNiel and an avid fan of Daniel Padilla for years. Meeting them for the first time at the blogcon for their latest offering, “Can’t Help Falling in Love” is definitely a special day for me. I learned through the blogcon how much work KathNiel and the production team put in every project. Director Mae Cruz-Alviar relayed that they were really careful to ensure that Kath and DJ’s characters in Can’t Help will be different from the ones they played in their past films.
Fans are assured the couple’s performance have once again, levelled up in this film. Kathryn noted that it helped that she and Daniel are now able to critic each other’s performance. When asked what he learned from filming, Daniel said he realized he has to seize each day. DJ said just like Dos, the character he plays in the movie, he now wants to do with his life and break the work-home routine. Kathryn agreed with DJ and said they would love to travel together each year. 
I loved how Kathniel acted so real the entire blogcon. They were constantly checking each other and occasionally teasing each other when intriguing questions are asked. It is also very obvious that their relationship have grown since their first team up five years ago. I was very pleased with how nice KathNiel treat their followers. When DJ learned about the editorial cartoon portraits of him that I have in our Journalism room, he graciously said, “Thank you po,Ma’am. Maraming salamat po.” Meeting KathNiel is indeed a sweet treat. Let’s also make it an early Easter treat as we hit the cinemas and watch the country’s premiere love team in “Can’t Help Falling in Love” on April 15!