Review: Why you should watch and prepare for The Last Word March 22 in cinemas

You do not make mistakes, mistakes make you - Harriet Laurer. Who said you cannot rewrite your whole life story? Star Cinema  distributes an unforgettable movie perfect for all reflecting on their purpose in life, The Last Word. Directed by Mark Pellington starring Academy Award winning actress Shirley Maclaine and Amanda Seyfried about a retired businesswoman Harriet Laurer who asked an obituary writer Anne Sherman (Amanda Seyfried) to write her last words. I joined fellow bloggers at the advanced screening of the film last night at the Dolphy Theater and I was amazed beyond belief. I thought about aspiring writers like my students who content on rhetorics and poetry and I wanted to say what Harriet said to Anne Sherman to write about what's real since it will immortalize the soul. I thought about the micromanagers I've worked with and how much they waste time on things that will not be brought to the grave. I thought about my family and my own life. I was too amazed I had to grab my phone and post some of the unforgettable lines on my social media.Of the number of reasons why this is one movie you should not miss, here are some of mine:
1. You cannot play God so might as well prepare for your own last words so people around you will say kind things you left as legacy. Take note of Harriet's message to kids-at-risk.
2. Know the 4 elements of an obituary because sooner or later, if you are a great writer, some friends may ask you. Learn what Anne realized from Harriet. Discover what can be your wildcard.
3. Go make some tea like Harriet who finds solace and peace when making tea. You don't need to be an expert to make tea anyways.Enjoy it with friends and family.
Above all, the movie will stick with you. The Last Word will make you laugh and cry and smile in the end reflecting on your own woes and joys, failures and triumphs, eventually making you value the invaluable to celebrate life. Don't miss The Last Word on March 22 in cinemas nationwide. For more information visit