Review: No crucifix and no holy water, finally one true Pinoy masterpiece in #PweraUsog by Regal Films now showing

"Dungan" was one word I can never forget from watching "Pwera Usog". After a few minutes, I tried recalling if I have watched any Filipino horror without using religion and I can't think of anything close to Regal Films' latest horror comedy "Pwera Usog". 
Starring  Sofia Andres, Joseph Marco, Kiko Estrada, Devon Seron, Albie Casino and Cherise Castro directed by Jason Paul Laxamana, Pwera Usog revolved around the concept of that evil hex most elders believe from visiting a new place or meeting a stranger. For the concept to evolve into something evil and demonic was difficult and surprisingly, it needn't any because the movie transcends from the concept to the story of this prank vlogger (Jean played by Sofia Andres) who despises her father played by Rommel Padilla. 
What's most hilarious was the slowmo scene of Aiko Melendez(Minda), Kiko Estrada (Quintin) and Joseph Marco (Sherwin)  as warriors fearless of the Catalina entity in Eula Valdez. What makes horror most difficult is how to finally win against evil and redeeming the heroes. Pwera Usog was completely authentic summoning the ghosts of fellow albularyo to fight Catalina in the end. What's truly memorable was the 2nd amulet given to Sherwin (Joseph Marco) and Jean (Sofia Andres) Dungan by Quintin (Kiko Estrada) towards the end. Pwera Usog will be one for the books in celebrating Filipino culture and mysticism. Don't miss it showing nationwide starting today. For more information please visit