Event: Scream with friends in #PweraUsog on March 8 in cinemas

Don't ignore what the elders always say or else suffer the consequences. Teaching the kids to honor the precautions of elders is Regal Films' latest horror flick "Pwera Usog". Starring Sofia Andres, Joseph Marco, Albie Casino, Devon Seron, Kiko Estrada, Cherise Castro with the stellar supporting cast Eula Valdez and Aiko Melendez, "Pwera Usog" will get theater-goers screaming on March 8.
Directed by Jason Paul Laxamana, Pwera Usog will not severely evolve the indigenous belief of Filipinos on evil eye hex nor will it completely revolve its story on the concept. According to direk JP during the blogcon last Tuesday at 38 Valencia Events Place, it will be a fun barkada movie like an extension of valentines on March 8. When asked what particular antidote they have used to fight the hex (usog), most of them did not believe in the phenomenon yet some consulted experts and pray-overs to help erase its stench and effect.
Kiko Estrada is so handsome and I find him adorable for the role. Kiko along with the handsome boys of Pwera Usog will definitely gather people in theaters on May8. Those planning to watch can actually use this concept as a topic in discussing Filipino anthropology of dieties and superpowers. What will happen to Eula and Aiko? Let's all have fun in theaters watching Pwera Usog  with friends starting March 8. For more information please visit https://www.facebook.com/RegalEntertainmentInc/