Event: Heartwarming Tatlong Bibe opens March1 in cinemas

We are too busy to appreciate little gifts God send us every single day. Before we contemplate on the Lord's journey and sacrifice before Holy Week on April, Regis Films presents a heartwarming movie on March1 about love and forgiveness in Tatlong Bibe movie. Starring three of the phenomenal kids on drama, Marco Masa, Raikko Matteo and Lyca Gairanod with the powerhouse supporting cast headed by Rita Avila, Victor Neri, Eddie Garcia, Angel Aquino, Sharlene San Pedro, Luis Alandy, Edgar Allan Guzman, Ronnie Lazaro, Dionisia Pacquiao, Perla Bautista, Anita Linda and introducing JK Labajo directed by Joven Tan, Tatlong Bibe shall be one movie the kids should watch to appreciate the value of forgiveness and love.
During the blogcon last Tuesday participated by Marco Masa, JK Labajo, Rita Avila and Lyca Gairanod, movie producer Ms. Anicia Regis shared no animal was harmed during the shoot and that they only used three ducks grown and loved from the farm which was also the location of the film.
Ms.Rita Avila plays another villain as the stepmother of Marco Masa but her character redeemed in the end. JK Labajo shares his excitement for this film as this will be his first after The Voice Kids years ago.
What's most to anticipate is the genuine message of the film obviously depicted in the title, "Tatlong Bibe" and the random questions of kids about love which should teach us all when to let go and when to hold on. Don't miss Tatlong Bibe in cinemas starting March 1. For more information please visit  https://www.facebook.com/REGIS-Films-And-Entertainment-Inc-257183518044271/