Event: Dairy Queen Philippines brings #TobleroneBlizzard in Strawberry, Double Fudge and Choco Chip flavors, Heart-Shaped Dilly Bars, Cake and Toblerone Cake this Valentines!

It's a Happy New Year indeed not just for the Chinese celebrating at the end of this month but for the rest of us who can't resist Toblerone chocolates mixed with favorite flavors as Dairy Queen Blizzards. I joined fellow DQ lover bloggers last Saturday at Dairy Queen Philippines new Toblerone Blizzard last Saturday at Taco Bell Cyberpark Tower in Cubao Quezon City. 
While waiting for the rest, we had a sample of Taco Bell PH's new Cheetos Cheesy Burrito. A few bite of the crunchy, cheesy and chewy Cheetos Burrito got me wanting for a smooth and sweet ice cream to cool the smoky and spicy kick in my tongue and just a few moments later, the array of Toblerone Blizzard flavors were served in large cups. It was a perfect combo and I couldn't believe I almost finished the three cups of Choco Chip, Double Fudge and Strawberry Toblerone Blizzards.
It was the perfect experience of Toblerone chocolate bits in flavors. The Choco Chip Toblerone had more texture but the Double Fudge and Strawberry gave me more familiar nougat-like chewy chocolatey sensations. I loved them all and it will surely be a hit to the kids and the kids-at-heart.
Right after was the beautiful and romantic Heart-Shaped Dilly Bars ready for Valentines next month. Miss Grand International First Runner Up Bb. Nicole Cordoves joined us and shared her love for DQ ice cream. Finally they served us the Heart-Shaped Ice Cream Cake you can personalize and the Ultimate Toblerone Cake perfect for any occasion. I loved that the Taco Bell Cyberpark Tower branch had its own Dairy Queen kiosk to easily avail of any ice cream to go with my fave tacos and burritos. I hope they'll soon adopt this to other Taco Bell branches nationwide. It was a sweet and happy Dairy Queen and Taco Bell meal. Try it at any DQ branch near you. For more info, please visit https://www.facebook.com/Dairy-Queen-Philippines