#ThankYou Lord for #ThankYous #AirAsiaPH

It is the most powerful expression sure to bring smile to anyone you give it to. Terimah Kasih, Kop Kuhn Kah, Arigato, Merci, Grazie, Salamat Po are just some of the few that got me so many places in a breeze because believe it or not, it was always what all wanted to hear better than I Love You. This #AirAsiaPH #ThankYou video reminded me of my daily gratitude to every person helping me as a person with disability each day. From guiding me to get off the jeepney when I go to the mall to the wonderful strangers who open doors for me. I have always been grateful to big hearts that lurks in every being I meet each day. #ThankYou Lord for #ThankYou that got me to places I've never been all my life this year.
The epiphany of gratitude visited me again this week with these wonderful angels. 16 years ago I met these handsome and intelligent boys attending my campus journalism class. Bam was the most intelligent among the flock of rugrats and Carmela was the bullied gay who'd always skip classes just to stay in my journalism room to erase his makeup. While Bam was always catching up on my instructions, Carmela was always afraid that his retired army father would find out his sexuality. Amidst their struggles (one trying to win in all competitions and the other one trying to win his father's heart), we had always goofed and teased each other in and out of school.
After the two graduated high school, we managed to meet, goofed and teased each other like we never parted. I was in every single significant moment of their lives like they were in mine. The two graduated Mass Communications and they both started working. Bam started becoming so popular as a reporter of GMA News and Current Affairs and I've started living next to Carmela who was finally accepted by his father being gay working in a call center. I've been constantly worrying about their safety and more importantly their well-being. We met every chance we get and did the same catching up on each others' lives.
After I've managed to do MMFF marathon with Carmela last week, Bam called me the other day asking to go with him shopping. While trying on shirts, in between the goofing and teasing, I surprised him saying Thank You. He has no idea how much he inspired me to keep teaching and loving more kids after I met him and Carmela. Before this year ends, I am most grateful for the opportunity to thank you- Bam Alegre and Carmela Salgado Ocampo for being most important people in my life. Thank you Carmela for teaching me to believe in myself. Because you taught me makeup, I never got to school with my uniform inside out again. Thank you Carmela for never forgetting me as your Nanay. Thank you Bam for teaching me to explore the world alone. You taught me to be brave so I did solo travel to Krabi in 2014, HK and SG this year. Imagine a PWD doing solo travel? I did it all in a breeze by simply saying #ThankYou to every person I met. The expression brought me places a PWD like me wouldn't dare explore. Bam, even if you said that there is no Baboy in Babuyan Island, I still want to go there and all the other places you've been despite my disability. Because of your constant motivation and the budget airfare rates like that of #AirAsiaPH, I am more confident to continue exploring the world. #ThankYou #AirAsiaPH for the gift of gratitude and the bigger chances to get to dream destinations. Aside from God, my family, my friends and other once-my-students-who-never-failed-to-pay-gratitude, I am thanking you Bam and Carmela for the moments and the time you've given me this year. May all your wishes come true in 2017. I love you!