Event: Why we need to watch #SavingSally on Dec25 #mmff2016

After 10 years of creating Saving Sally, direk Avid Liongoren and Charlene Sawit Seguerra did not expect making it to Top8 on this year's Metro Manila Film Festival. The very typical love story may have been typical but the details of continuously revising and improving this animated love story would be truly worth every centavo this Christmas.
Starring Rhian Ramos as Sally, Enzo Marcos as Marty the geek and TJ Trinidad as the inconsiderate boyfriend, the movie attempted to create what bigwigs in animation had done with just five people. It may have taken them ten years as compared to Pixar with more than 400 people working for a movie in two years but they are proud to have done Saving Sally with excellent post-production skills. Direk Avid Liongoren was joking saying he had to sell kidneys for every revision since they planned and shot the film with no available budget. 
Rhian Ramos whom I have previously interviewed was also amazed and cried with the rest of the cast when the announcement included their film. Rated PG ( parental guidance) by the MTRCB, the movie deserve our attention and support uplifting the quality of MMFF2016 and animation we should all hail as truly Filipino. Like what Ms.Charlene and direk Avid said during the blogcon at Tomato Kick QC last Friday, we shouls start watching films with less commercial value like Saving Sally because popular cinemas pull them out after low sales on the first day. Let us start watching MMFF2016 with Saving Sally before the rest to keep them in cinemas and give the others the opportunity to be recognized. After all, Saving Sally needs saving compared to the rest. For more information please visit https://www.facebook.com/SavingSallyFilm/